Career Advisory

Feeling stuck in your career journey?

Mindlab is here to provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

Whether you're a recent graduate embarking on your first job search, feeling lost, looking for new opportunities, thinking how to enhance your skills, or make a career transition in your early-career days, let's navigate this together!

From exploring your interests, values, and skillset, to crafting a compelling CV or acing job interviews, you'll have the tools you need to feel more confident.

Ready to take charge of your career?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a free call?

Click on "Book your free session" > select the day and time that works best for you > click on "Next" > Enter your details (Name and Email) > click on "Schedule Event".

What's the duration and goal of the free session?

The free session lasts for 30 minutes and focuses on understanding your current situation, your goals, and any challenges you're facing. By the end, we'll work together to align expectations and create a personalized plan for your career advisory sessions.

What is the typical duration of subsequent Career Advisory sessions?

Following your free 30-minute consultation, our career advisory sessions typically last for 60 minutes. This allows ample time to delve deep into your needs, explore strategies, and answer any questions you may have.

How long does the typical Career Advisory process take?

The duration of the career advisory process depends on your specific needs and goals. We offer a personalized approach, tailoring the number of sessions and their frequency to get you where you want to be in your career. To give you a general idea, most mentees find significant progress after at least 5 sessions, which includes the free session.

What's the format of the Career Advisory sessions?

All our career advisory sessions are conducted conveniently online! This allows for flexibility in scheduling and participation from the comfort of your own space. We recommend finding a quiet place where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts openly.

Who can benefit from Career Advisory services?

Our career advisory services are designed to empower recent graduates and early-career professionals. Whether you're:

  • Fresh out of school and feeling unsure about your first job search;
  • A few years into your career, but looking for a change in direction;
  • Stuck in a job that doesn't utilize your full potential;
  • Ready to develop the skills and strategies to take your career to the next level.

We can help you navigate these early stages and set yourself up for long-term success.

How much does the Career Advisory service cost?

Our first career advisory session is completely free of charge! This allows you to get to know us and see if our services are a good fit for your needs. The following sessions are priced at €40 per session.